Dr. Jean-Paul Moka

Position: Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Paul Moka began his career in 1993 at Chase Manhattan Bank, as the youngest member of the Board of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) as a manager in strategic planning before joining Citi Financial (formerly Citibank branch) he served as vice president of structured products in London. In 1997, he was Director of Operations within the EB Consulting Group (Ebenbank), an international group of banking and financial consultancy.

He was further elevated to the head of the Club Zurich, in May 2013, a powerful group of financial and international experts. Dr. Jean-Paul Moka received his Doctorate in International Political Sciences and worked with the private sector in countries such as USA, EU, Israel, and China.

Dr. Moka also serves as the Dean of Economics and Development at the Jesuit University of Djuma (DRC) faculty and as Professor of Finance and Economics since November 2015. 


STARGATE is an additional venture and part of the Ebenhaezer Bank Consulting Group


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