Astra Diamonds

"NO diamonds from conflict areas will enter STARGATE’s supply chain"

Astra Diamonds

Rough Sourcing
Rough diamond sourcing and dealing has always been the integral part of our business since our establishment. Our rough distribution business is really a massive one, fast turning and we keep inventories non-existent. It increases turnover and profit margin. This is necessary to help finance STARGATE marketing initiatives and developments.
Responsible Mining

All across our business platforms, STARGATE observes the highest ethical standards of operation. We insist the same of our business partners or affiliates in recognizing the same level of ethical standards.
This extends to our diamond sourcing program. The issue of responsible mining is an important one and deserves our utmost attention.

STARGATE constantly reviews its policy on responsible mining and maintain its standard with current and existing laws and or commissions. It commits to continuously maintaining our position with the objective of expanding to secure the broadest possible impact.


STARGATE is an additional venture and part of the Ebenhaezer Bank Consulting Group


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