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What is the origin of the Moka19 solution:

Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd and Hangzhou Clungene Biotech Ltd 

Is it certified in Belgium?

Yes. All over Europe as well as Asia, Latin America. Sale is authorized in North America. Several African countries are discovering it. 

Is Moka19 effective?

MOKA-19 is 99.9% effective, yes. The test is consistent with your contact with the virus.

Is it reimbursable by the INAMI?

No, but possible if your doctor prescribes it. On Euro 10, you get Euro 9.5 back. 

How much does this type of test cost on the market? 

On average Euro 30 in pharmacies and Euro 150 in airports. 

Is it only the serological tests? 

No, we also have Moka19 antigen testing.

Is one type of test sufficient?

Yes, but the ideal is a combination of the two tests (antibodies and antigens). One shows you your condition from the past six months to the last seven days, and the other shows you your current state. 

Do you have to have symptoms to get them? 

No. It is best to be proactive because asymptomatic people are the most dangerous. 

How long does it take to get the test result? 

Between two and ten minutes maximum.

Why don't the media talk about it and wait until October to get it? 

The Belgian government has only authorized them for three weeks (self-tests) and it takes two weeks to
get them to their destination. 

What is the difference between rapid test and autotest? 

This is the exact same test except that the first is supervised by medical personnel and what is not required for the second. 

Is it only by blood test? 

For the serological test: blood test. For the antigen test: sample from the back of the nose or inside the mouth (avoiding saliva on the tongue). 

Is this the best on the market?  

In terms of quality / price YES

How long do you have to wait to use it if you have been in contact with an infected person? 

Five to seven days.

Does it have a plotter? 

No. We consider that this is not the function of our solution.

Can we get it online?

Yes on www.moka19.com

Is there a home delivery service? 


How can we contact you?

Just go to our website: www.stargateebcg.net and look for the phone number on "contact us" according to your country. 

Who is the contact for Belgium? 

+32486866837 (phone or WhatsApp). Email: info@stargateebcg.net 

Can we get it elsewhere in Belgium? 



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